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This black and white textured rug is woven by hand on a foot-loom from 100% hand-spun sheep wool.

The speckled design can give any room a fresh and modern update.

Size: W 85 cm x H 140 cm
Color: black, white
Material: 100% hand-spun sheep wool (from local sheep)

Natural color of wool

Because all products are entirely made by hand, there will always be a slight difference in color and dimension.

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Que Onda Vos is the collaboration between Belgian designer Hanne De Wyngaert and Y’abel Handicrafts, an organisation that offers support to Mayan women in the Guatemalan countryside by making weaving, a traditional part of their daily lives, a solid source of income.
The label combines the Mayan tradition and Western culture in the form of design and fair trade. All their products are 100% handmade by the Mayan weavers in Guatemala. The design of the products is a result of the dialogue, co-operation and interaction between the two cultures.
The project’s goal is to develop an awareness about conscious consumption and to create jobs in indigenous communities ensuring fair wages.
QUE ONDA VOS is about respect. Respect for human and nature.